about me!

hi there! i'm lil, your average artist, professional idiot and bnuyy enthusiast! i spend most of my time either drawing, watching youtube or obsessing over whatever my brain decides is my new favourite thing (mostly games) lmao

gender: i'm a girl but any pronouns, i don't mind lmao!

birthday: june 23rd! ♋

favourite colour: purple (if you couldn't tell) 💜

favourite musicians: ghost and pals, r.i.p, guchiry, syudou, azari, nilfruits, x0o0x_ and demondice! (ye i listen to a lot of japanese and vocaloid music lmao)

favourite games: terraria, omori, hollow knight, persona 5 strikers, everhood, stardew valley and rhythm doctor!

other interests: game dev, making music and making ocs!